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What is the difference between stainless steel elbow and carbon steel elbow?

Stainless steel elbow is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power station, food manufacturing, construction and other industries. It has different use in different industries and shows its use value in various industries. The main difference between stainless steel elbow and carbon steel elbow is the material. Its chemical composition will keep the elbow surface from rusting and corrosion for a long time. Manufacture and standard of stainless steel elbow:
1. Production methods: pushing, pressing, forging, casting, etc.
2. Manufacturing standards: national standard, American Standard, Japanese standard, German standard, European standard, etc.
Most of the stainless steel elbow pipe fittings are used for welding. In order to improve the welding quality, the ends are turned into grooves with a certain angle. This requirement is relatively strict. There are regulations on the thickness of the side, the angle and the deviation range.

Stainless steel elbow has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance. Usually used for electric drill, oil and other equipment. Stainless steel stamping elbow welding performance is poor, should pay attention to the welding process, heat treatment premise and the selection of suitable electrode.

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