15 years focus on the production of pipe fittings.

Salute the practitioners of stainless steel elbow, stainless steel pipe fitting and stainless steel

Open the calendar of May, we usher in the labor Festival. 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the face of the surging epidemic situation, we gather strength through various forms to boost morale, convey true feelings, overcome difficulties and resume production. The workers in the pipe industry, who are splashing steel, roaring machine tools and standing, use their solid arms to drag up our lives and provide our convenience with their solid work. They serve every cooperator with the concept of "thousands of pipes, customers all over the world, and mountains of safety".

When we enjoy life, there are always some people and things that are quietly paying for the city
Close your eyes and feel every bit of life: when you start a wonderful day, (1) tap water slowly flows out of the pipe, (2) natural gas ignites the flame of life, (3) oil brings surging power to the car, (4) enter hotels, shops and prosperous business districts

Behind them are stainless steel elbows, which solve the problem of sewage; stainless steel three-way pipes deliver gas to every household; stainless steel big and small ends are connected with pipes of different sizes; they bear the transportation of coal, oil, sewage and other pipelines.
In high pressure, acid-base corrosion or in a variety of friction environment, can easily accept the test. Because of the stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel pipe manufacturers, product processing technology and quality control, raw materials - Factory re inspection - blanking - ash loading - pressing - annealing - Pickling - polishing - rolling - Pickling - chamfering - appearance testing - nondestructive testing - packaging and shipping, every link is strictly quality control.

Come back and find that life is so beautiful and human beings are so progressive. Everything comes from our hard work. Let's praise the most glorious work together~

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