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Classification of stainless steel large diameter butt welded elbow

According to the angle of elbow, there are 45 ° elbow, 90 ° elbow and 180 ° elbow. Other elbows with special views can be customized according to customers' drawings. The general raw materials of large diameter butt welded pipe parts include: stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Elbow can be divided into long radius butt welding elbow and short radius butt welding elbow according to its curvature radius.
The radius of curvature of long radius butt welded elbow is equal to 1.5 times of the outer diameter of the pipe, i.e. r = 1.5D. The curvature radius of the short radius external welding elbow is equal to the outer diameter of the pipe, i.e. r = 1D. Where D is the diameter of butt welded elbow and R is the radius of curvature; according to the pressure rating, there are about 17 kinds, which are the same as Gome's pipe standards, and * commonly used are STD and XS. Stainless steel large diameter elbow generally refers to the diameter above DN600. Large diameter elbow includes large diameter straight seam elbow, large diameter seamless elbow and butt welding elbow. Butt welding elbow is widely used in the market.
Straight seam and seamless in large caliber, in addition to raw materials and equipment skills, and then the price is more expensive. Large diameter elbows can be divided into 45 degree large diameter elbows, 90 degree large diameter elbows, 180 degree large diameter elbows and other elbows with different viewpoints. According to the raw materials can be divided into stainless steel large diameter elbow, carbon steel large diameter elbow, alloy steel large diameter elbow. According to the curvature radius, it can be divided into long radius large diameter elbow and short radius large diameter elbow. The major standards of large diameter elbow are international standard, electric standard, Sinopec standard, marine standard, Japanese standard, American Standard, etc. Large diameter elbow has the advantages of inner wall lubrication, small heat medium flow resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life and convenient installation.

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